New Kitchen

There is space for everyone in the new kitchen

A new and up graded kitchen has been inaugurated at the beginning of the year. The kitchen has a pantry for the storage of the farm produce, and a rocket stove designed by the Indian Institute of Science, suppose to be the most efficient stove in the world. The kitchen has been working so well that we felt confident enough to merge it with the worker’s kitchen, thus saving fuel further.

the cooks at the entrance on the day of inauguration

Kalyani, Malar and Devi are our school cooks, continuing faithfully in this demanding roll for the fifth year in a row, and cooking spectacular lunches for over 120 people every single day. Ammu and Davamani, both mothers of children at the school, cooks breakfast for the working force, which varies in numbers depending on what happens on the farm. Maietreyi, who coordinated the farm and school lunches for few years, has withdrawn from these responsibilities in order to fully attend her other projects. She said she feels the kitchen and farm stuff has grown into managing both operations by themselves, as indeed they prove to have done! We would like to thank Maietreyi for the good and delicious work… Your collection of recipes has become staple part of the school menu…


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