Shyam and Tilo’s Wedding/ by Gayatri


On 23 of November we celebrated our very-own, first-ever, in-house marriage. It was an event as original as it was joyful, conducted in true Marudam style – funky, informal, spontaneous and full of life. in Gayatri’s words:

Many things about the wedding of Tilo and Shyam I loved; the spirit of celebration, the nervousness in the air, the children dancing, the excellent food, the words of Arun, the song of Tilo, the impeccable handsome Shyam, the togetherness and happiness felt by all of us in the beauty of such a simple wedding, the unexpected ice cream…; but the most beautiful and special thing for me was to be with all the women dressing up Tilo. It took almost one hour and it was wonderful to contemplate. The bride sat, quiet, in a chair, surrounded by the experienced and wise ‘older sisters of the tribe’ and allowed them to take care of everything, completely surrendered, like a small child with the confidence and trust of being loved. Slowly, and with every small touch, she shined and transformed, and everyone gave opinion, enjoyed and laughed ……a few times she closed her eyes and looked so beautiful and then somebody will tell her:”What? Are you sleepy?  Awake, today is your day, don’t close your eyes!!!”


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